Premium Web Design

Getting your website up and ready for the world to see is very important. But taking your website to the next level where you will be taken seriously by industry vets and consumers is what our premium service offers. High quality graphics, custom coding and strategic cohesiveness between your web promotions and your social network profiles.

Content Creation

Whether you are just starting out or have been around the block, we all know that keeping up appearances is important. Content creation is very much like networking. The more content you can create (i.e. Blog posts, YouTube videos, micro blogging etc.) the more likely you will be noticed and remembered. Let us help you manage the creation of content for your website & social media sites to keep people watching all the time. We can video record and take photos of your shows, we can help you come up with campaign for interaction with fans. It’s all a part of content creation.

Online Marketing

It’s important to promote your album release, your new music video or even your shows. We can provide a strategy that will focus on marketing for these events in your musical career. Online Marketing involves the strategic planning of online advertising, Search engine optimization(SEO), Cooperative promotions with other entities on the internet. For example the creation of banner ads to go on radio station website in the area you will be playing a show, to getting you established in music databases that feed into websites like, and

Album Art Design

When it comes to your album art we know it is very important to create a piece of art that represent you and the expression of your music. Our graphic designer meets with you to find out what you needs are and helps to design with cost efficiency and quality.

Album Manufacturing/Production

You’ll find the best pricing for your manufacturing when you work with someone who actually calls around and gets the best quotes. Our relationships also give us flexibility on rush orders and better pricing in some cases. We have worked with all the major manufacturers and can provide you with personalized quality service that is more affordable that most realize.

Digital Music Distribution

Get your music on iTunes and Amazon and all the big online stores. The turnaround time is literally days, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Allow us to manage your online distribution and get your music online for sale. We have access to more than 40 stores( iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc.).


Our in-house graphic designer can create your custom promotional kits for you to use while you are out on the road. Having these on the road will show that you’re as band that is organized and mean business.

Creative Styling/Branding

Do you need help with creating the imaging, the style and the overall appearance for your persona? Managing this starts in what you wear, how your hair and makeup is done. How consistent this style is with your upcoming album and website graphics. It all ties together so that your fans receive what you share with them in a consistent, bold manner.

Photo Shoot

A photo shoot can be a tedious event. If you’re not careful you can spend a lot of money and not get the shots you’re looking for. It takes weeks of preparation for a quality shoot. Location scouting, photographer selection, photo style planning, make-up and hair assistants etc.  Making sure you get all you can get from a photo shoot is what is important for us. If you can get 3 different looks from one photo shoot and walk away with at least 2-3 quality photos from each look, you’ll have a great selection for albums down the road.

Music Placement

Do you want to hear your music in movies, TV shows & commercials? Our music placement services gets your music to the right music directors that make the decisions on what get placed. If you think your music would fit in a particular TV show we can help pitch that to the music director of the respective show and increase your chances of having it placed.

Music Publishing Administration

The management of the songs you have written is very important. Making sure they have been registered with rights organizations like BMI or ASCAP, copyrighted and then organized into a easily accessible catalog is key to making money and being a successful songwriter.

Email Campaigns

Creating a successful email campaign starts with the creation or acquiring of an email mailing list. We can help you secure this list whether it’s collecting emails with a promotion on your website or borrowing a list from other resources. The next step is to plan for “what” will you be sending in this email list, and what will it look like and how often. Allow us to create a plan for you!

Event Marketing

Event marketing has many facets. It can be from cooperative advertising deals with sponsors to the promotion of the event. It is really a combination of different marketing efforts. Depending on what kind of event and how much attendance you would like we will develop the right plan to get what you need.

Master Plans

Do you have a master plan for your career? In other words do you have a business plan written out and somewhere safe. This master plan shares what your expectations and goals are. It explains who you are. Why you do what you do. Why should anybody invest in you? What type of people will be attracted you your music (ie. Fans) Having this master plan is very important to have all your energies focused in the right direction to get to the next level.

Music Videos

Needing to plan a music video? Whatever your budget we can help coordinate all aspects of producing a music video. From live show video just for YouTube to a full blown video to be pitched to CMT, GAC, VH1 or MTV. We whatever resources you need and can even help you come up with creative Treatment ideas for you video.

Music Video Promotion

Having a Music Video is half the battle. How will it be distributed for the world to see? Are you going to sell it on iTunes? Promotion of the music video can be done in many ways. Depending on what your next level goals are we can help you achieve the status your looking for, whether that is getting your video on Music TV or featured all over the internet.

Public Relations

PR is a very important tool in the promotion of your music. It is what we call free advertising. It is harder to get because of this fact. Having a featured article in a magazine that your fans read is just one impression of many that helps to build your persona to the fans you will be selling to. It not only helps to promote your album, but it allows your fans to get to know you.

Press Releases

If you’re looking to announce anything special we can tailor a press release for you on a need by need basis. We can then submit them to your list of specific publications.


If you’re looking for touring sponsor or just a specific event sponsor we can help you find a business or organization that would be a good fit. This is where the master plan can really be helpful in the pitch to these types of entities.


What will be done for your advertising? You’re new album is out, are you placing ads for consumers in magazines or online on sites like or Facebook? Have you considered doing a TV commercial? Or Radio Station banner Ads? There are many avenues to advertising your product. Let’s figure out which will be the most focused and affordable for getting you to the next level.


Looking to sell T-shirts, Hats, Posters, 8×10’s? We can help you get the design you like and make sure you never run out of supply. We’ll manage your orders with the printers and make sure you always have a supply for selling.

Radio Promotion

If you’re a serious artist you know that radio is still the leading way to get your music heard by fans. But getting your music mailed to the radio station program director and getting it played are totally different things. We can help you build the right radio promotions team. A team that has solid relationships with radio stations all over the US and can get the single heard.